Welcome to PawLovers! 

At ‘PawLovers’ we provide your pets full of UK top quality brands of toys, treats and surprises! we’re cheap, reliable and happy to help keep your furry friends occupied! We’re specialised in cats & dogs products but I wont mind doing different animals products in the future. The products will be changed frequently so keep a look out! 👀

You should shop at PawLovers because we love animals and we get the most cheapest, deals out there. We will persistently cater for your dogs/cats needs, weather that be grooming, toys, treats or surprises! We serve a various of different products to arrive at your door. We thrive to be your #1 pet supplier! I take specially care for our customers, I want all of you to feel happy and your dog to feel loved, with our store I wont stop giving the greatest customer service!

Why I started this business-

At 15 years old 11/8/2021, I went through school being called “worthless” & “dumb” according to some teachers, and some even said I wont get anywhere in life, on my last day of school. I didn’t feel good inside and wanted to prove them wrong so I built this business, 3 months after school. I dream to be someones inspiration one day. With my platform I only want to inspire & spread positivity! To prove that hard, work dedication truly pays off. You should never listen to the negative people. Its always been my dream to open a worldwide animal business.

In the future I plan to do charity work, to give back. Cancer Research, Autism Awareness Dog/Cat shelters and a variety of different charity’s need our help so with my platform I will  help them as much as possible!
Giveaways are on the way too!

So all I ask is for you to share & show positively or even buy something for your beautiful pets this would mean a lot and would give me the extra motivation to push further.

Thanks for all the Support